Dominic Nelson

Recruitment Manager and office tea boy
Dominic joined the team back in 2013, having spent his teens and early 20’s working at independent hotels and pubs around Europe. He has made his way through the ranks and is well-known for his bad breath, bad jokes and his bad banter.
“Having been recruiting now for nearly 3 years – I’m very excited about the potential of – I’ve come from a background of live-in jobs, from ski season hotels to town centre pubs and restaurants, I know what it’s like to live where you work, and the awesome experiences you can gain from it.
Favourite Dish: Slow Braised Lamb Shank
What I don’t eat: Maroon food – Beetroot, radish, rhubarb”

Andrew Paul

Recruitment Consultant and the butt of all jokes
Andrew started his career collecting glasses & washing pots in a local pub. He worked his way up through tending some of the UK’s best bars, to managing hotels and then ultimately his own restaurant & cocktail bar. Being the oldest in the team, he cant get through a day in the office without a spat of our compulsory “ageist banter”.
“Its only been a year for me in recruitment but I have been recruiting chefs for many. I have spent most of my career living-in and loved every minute. I met my wife in staff accommodation! Ive also had to manage accommodation and know the difficulties that come with re-locating. I could of done with on many an occasion and see the necessity for it. And by the way, I’m not that old!”
Favourite Food: Mashed potato & gravy – Everything goes with mash, everything goes with gravy.
What I don’t eat: Liver!! 😷

Nick Hodgson

Captain of this Ship
Nick starting washing pots at his local pub, age 13, and instantly fell in love with the kitchen, working in pubs and hotels in the UK and Australia.  When he returned he took a job in hospitality recruitment.
“I love the industry…some of my happiest memories have been created in kitchens by getting the new chef to fetch me fish legs and a long waits.  When I returned from working in Oz, I fell into a job in chef recruitment and I couldn’t believe the real lack of knowledge and standards of these agencies.  I decided to sort this out and in 2008 I set up Nicholas Jon Recruitment and now is here…it’s going to be big.”
Favourite food: Anything I’ve caught, shot or grown!
What I Don’t eat: Tofu…really…what’s the point